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CKEditor For WordPress插件在WordPress 3.5版本下暂时无法使用

CKEDitor For WordPress插件在WordPress 3.5下有些问题,导致编辑器无法加载,目前没有好的解决方法,只能暂时禁用该插件,耐心等待开发者推出新版本。


目前测试版已经修复WordPress 3.5兼容性问题,等不及的朋友可以先用SVN下载测试版使用


至于插件不兼容WordPress 3.5的原因,按照开发者自己的说法,是因为WordPress 3.5下替换编辑器需要修改很多地方,非常耗时,他们正在努力开发中,喜欢CKEditor的朋友只能耐心等待一段时间了。


The reason why there is no update is quite simple: we had to work on V4 (editor, sites, builder, add-ons repository and so on). The problem with WordPress 3.5 is pretty time consuming as we need to hack many things in order to inject the editor properly.

It would be 100x easier if there was any easy API to inject 3rd party editors in WordPress, and if it wasn't so strictly integrated with one particular editor, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

Please be patient. Also, if anyone is willing to help in coding, we'd be definitely more than happy to welcome new contributors.



    1. 最好换到默认主题试试,编辑器不显示除了插件冲突这种可能之外,还有一个很大的可能是主题在后台加载了不该加载的脚本,导致js错误